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If my_address_file_geocoded.csv is a file in the current working directory with coordinate columns named lat and lon, then the DeGAUSS command:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp my_address_file_geocoded.csv

will produce my_address_file_geocoded_roads_0.2.2_400m_buffer.csv with added columns:

Optional Argument

The default buffer radius for length of roads is 400 meters, but can be changed by supplying an optional argument to the degauss command. For example,

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp my_address_file_geocoded.csv 800

will produce my_address_file_geocoded_roads_0.2.2_800m_buffer.csv, and length_1100 and length_1200 will be the lengths within an 800 m buffer.

Geomarker Methods

This container uses 2018 S1100 and S1200 roads, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Road Type Road Type Code General Description U.S. Census Definition
Primary S1100 interstates and freeways generally divided, limited-access highways within the Federal interstate highway system or under state management; distinguished by the presence of interchanges and are accessible by ramps and may include some toll highways
Secondary S1200 arterial roads and state highways main arteries, usually in the U.S. highway, state highway, or county highway system; have one or more lanes of traffic in each direction, may or may not be divided, and usually have at-grade intersections with many other roads and driveways

The map below shows all features defined as “S1100” in the MAF/TIGER database.

Geomarker Data

DeGAUSS Details

For detailed documentation on DeGAUSS, including general usage and installation, please see the DeGAUSS homepage.