get average annual daily traffic (AADT) within a buffer radius of geocoded address

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DeGAUSS example call

If my_address_file_geocoded.csv is a file in the current working directory with coordinate columns named lat and lon, then

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp ghcr.io/degauss-org/aadt:0.1.1 my_address_file_geocoded.csv

will produce my_address_file_geocoded_aadt_v0.1.1_400m_buffer.csv with an added columns length_moving,length_stop_go, vehicle_meters_moving, vehicle_meters_stop_go, truck_meters_moving, and truck_meters_stop_go which describe the AADT within a 400 m radius. To change the buffer radius, supply it (in meters) as an argument in your docker call:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp degauss/aadt:0.1.1 my_address_file_geocoded.csv 500

geomarker methods

For more information, including AADT variable definitions, please reference our addAadt R package repository.

geomarker data

DeGAUSS details

For detailed documentation on DeGAUSS, including general usage and installation, please see the DeGAUSS homepage.