add daily PM2.5 estimates to geocoded data

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DeGAUSS example call

If my_address_file_geocoded.csv is a file in the current working directory with coordinate columns named lat and lon and date columns called start_date and end_date then

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp degauss/pm:0.1.3 my_address_file_geocoded.csv

will produce my_address_file_geocoded_pm_v0.1.2.csv with added columns named pm_pred and pm_se, and a row for each date between the provided start_dates and end_dates.

geomarker methods

This container was built using the addPmData package. More information on the development of the spatial model can be found at the st_pm_hex repo and the accompanying manuscript (preprint DOI:

geomarker data

DeGAUSS details

For detailed documentation on DeGAUSS, including general usage and installation, please see the DeGAUSS homepage.