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If my_address_file_geocoded.csv is a file in the current working directory with coordinate columns named lat, lon, start_date, and end_date then the DeGAUSS command:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/tmp my_address_file_geocoded.csv

will produce my_address_file_geocoded_pm_0.2.0.csv.

The output file will contain one row per day between start_date and end_date for each individual lat and lon location. This means that the output file will likely contain many more rows than the input file, so using identifiers with this container is useful for merging its output with other sources.

The following columns will be added for each row:

Geomarker Methods

This container was built using the addPmData package. More information on the development of the spatial model can be found at the st_pm_hex repository and in the scientific manuscript describing model development:

Cole Brokamp. A High Resolution Spatiotemporal Fine Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Model for the Contiguous United States. Environmental Advances. 7:100155. 2022.

Geomarker Data

DeGAUSS Details

For detailed documentation on DeGAUSS, including general usage and installation, please see the DeGAUSS homepage.