image description version
degauss/geocoder batch geocoding
degauss/dep_index census tract-level deprivation index
degauss/census_block_group census block group and tract FIPS
degauss/st_census_tract spatiotemporal census tract FIPS 1970 - 2020
degauss/roads proximity and length of major roads
degauss/greenspace enhanced vegetation index
degauss/drivetime distance and drive time to various care sites
degauss/schwartz_grid_lookup schwartz grid for spatiotemporal pollutant models
degauss/schwartz daily PM2.5, NO2, and O3 concentrations
degauss/narr daily weather data (air temperature, humidity, etc)
degauss/nlcd land cover data (imperviousness, land use, greenness)
degauss/pm daily PM2.5

The badges in the table above indicate the most recently released version of each DeGAUSS image. Clicking each badge links to a GitHub releases page with notes about changes made in each version release. It is possible to specify an older version by adding the tag onto the repo/image name, e.g. degauss/geocoder:3.0.1.